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« on: 21 12 2014, 16:27:24 »
I use LINE messanger by Naver which installed on my PC. I just found out that is available for pidgin as puple-line and it will be great if some developer will intrerest in porting it. It's not good that ugly birdie client has more protocols then beauty miranda

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Re: Line
« Reply #1 on: 21 12 2014, 16:34:21 »
I once thought about creating a pidgin plugin wrapper :P
Since both support plugins, a wrapper shouldn't be that hard... especially since Miranda is more customizable (thus I hope all pidgin features should be possible, one way or another)

But I haven't done anything yet :P Generally I would prefer a wrapper over a Miranda plugin, simply because it's easier to maintain and why create a 2nd code base? Plus I would love some other pidgin plugins for Miranda as well :P (since some work way better than Miranda's)
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Re: Line
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I once thought about creating a pidgin plugin wrapper :P

Having pidgin plugin wrapper is interesting idea  :THUMBS UP:
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