Author Topic: I Hope from Miranda NG team to give a half of there time to fix Facebook plugin  (Read 1977 times)

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Offline Kimoo

Facebook plugin broken from some months now , and it cause of lock or suspend accounts that uses Miranda NG as it detect it as a malware .

and in same time i receive updates everyday twice from Miranda during the last weeks , i see Miranda team do much work with Miranda the last days and last weeks , so Why not they can't give a half of this time and power they spent for Miranda NG updates to fix and search around Facebook plugin problems !!

i use Miranda for only facebook , if facebook not work i not care and not need to run Miranda , even i not use skype as much as i need facebook , and there's many peoples who same as me .

may be you will find a small simple problem like it's just with a wrong or old request that Miranda uses to act with Facebook side , or may be it's linked with the SSL the Miranda uses .
may be the Facebook plugin needed to created again with the HTML again with the right requests carefully , may be i'm not sure , so this is why i asking you to gave a half of your time for facebook please .

please Miranda NG team , please give some care to Facebook so peoples not leave using Miranda NG

with my thanks to you

Offline Kimoo

I miss using Miranda  :( :( :'( :'( :'(