Author Topic: Can't login to my MSN profile: "Your username or password is incorrect"  (Read 415 times)

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I can't login to my MSN profile, and its writes "Your username or password is incorrect.
This despite I entered the correct email address and password of my Microsoft account.
How to solve the problem?
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32bit
Miranda NG v0.95.5 build #17337

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MSN doesn't work with Miranda NG, and it never has.
At least, not for everyone:

Even this issue hasn't been fixed, despite being marked as "trivial":

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like anyone is working on these bugs either.
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Even this issue hasn't been fixed, despite being marked as "trivial":

I just fixed this issue as you mentioned it now, but I can't help with MSN. Recently was updating MSN leecher, but he is not currently very active it seems.
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