Author Topic: [Fixed] Nondirect start (by .lnk) of miranda64 leads to dll-errors  (Read 5723 times)

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Just downloaded x64 alpha (#16744).
* Extracted to temporary test dir.
* Added profiles dir.
* Compared what changed, added few plugins.dll, deleted few unused plugins.dll (plugins that was added/deleted from my old 0.95.4 #13028.
Deleted: Facebook, MSN, GG, Yahoo, AIM.
Added: AddContactPlus, AdvancedAutoAway, AuthState, CryptoPP, DB_autobackups, DbEditorPP, Folders, HistoryPP, HistorySweeperLight, IEView, KeepStatus, MobileState, mTextControl, Nudge, PackUpdater, Pupup, QuickSearch, RemovePersonalSettings, Restart, SecureIM, SmileyAdd, StartupSilence, StopSpam, Tipper, Variables - part of them was "off" in my previous configuration.

* Run miranda64.exe - ok. Miranda loaded successfully without any warnings/errors etc.
* Exit.

* Renamed old miranda ("backuped")
* New #16744 placed to old miranda path.
* Run miranda64.exe - ok. No problems.
* Exit.

!! Run .lnk to miranda (.lnk pointed to miranda64.exe at old path where now is #16744) - "Miranda64.exe - Системная ошибка" (System error). "Запуск программы невозможен, так как на компьютере отсутствует mir_core.dll. Попробуйте переустановить программу" (Can't start program because no mir_core.dll found. Try to reinstall program). Clicked [OK] few times, then zlib.dll error raised with the same text and pcre16.dll too. After that miranda started, connected.
* Exit.
!! Repeat this test - started .lnk again. Same problems.

* Opened explorer where miranda64.exe #16744 (old path when my old miranda was), created .lnk here by right-click at .exe.
!! Run that .lnk - same errors.
* Exit.

* Placed mir_core.dll from Libs/mir_core.mir to parent dir, where miranda64.exe is.
!! Run .lnk again - mir_core.dll deleted and same errors raised.
* Exit.

Now i have only one option to run miranda without errors - by direct run of miranda64.exe, not by .lnk anywhere (i have that link to miranda in Quick Launch\User Pinned\StartMenu - at the top of Start button, to fast access to IM).
Any ideas?

[UPD] All added plugins (as i see in settings/plugins) are not loaded in #16744.
[UPD2] Moved all added plugins to ./Plugins/Added then tried to add one-by-one plugin to ./Plugins. After adding plugin started .lnk - only one or two messages about error per plugin. Without plugins - no errors. As i understand, all that plugins needed to be recompiled with new version of miranda, because mir_core, zlib, pcre16 *.dll's moved to ./Libs/
Where i can find most recent version of that plugins? Or maybe PluginUpdater can find correct versions?.. Now i try to install what i can find at but not sure is it will fix all of the problems.
mTextControl, PackUpdater, RemovePersonalSettings, StopSpam and Tipper are not causing dll-error at miranda start, but causing when going to settings [as i see now - that plugins are checked "off" after i fixed problem].

I don't want to return to 0.95.4, because i have a problem with sending files in any of all types IBB, DC, Proxy, OBB (Miranda+Openfire<>router with portforwarding<>
inet<>other router with portforwarding<>other same 0.95.4 Miranda client), maybe that problem is fixed in 16744, i want to try (now i can't check this, because other party pal is offline)
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Offline Robyer

Use Plugin Updater for managing Miranda up to date. You can't mix together core and plugins from different versions,

And I have no problems with running Miranda via .lnk file. Just make sure that you have filled these both inputs correctly

So they both target the same folder. I can imagine it could potentially cause problems when the second input is targetted to old Miranda (so then it loads mir_core from this old Miranda).

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Robyer, My old .lnk and new that i created with explorer when i was in miranda path have all needed, path to exe and directory. All ok with this.

I just downloaded all latest beta plugins that i have before, placed them one by one, run miranda and checked settings - no more errors, all plugins are loaded.
So this problem was in mixing old plugins that searches .dll's in directory where .exe was previously, but new miranda uses ./Libs directory with mir_core, zlib, pcre16 and other libraries.
So question is over.
Ok, now i can wait until my other pal goes online and try to fix sending files. Maybe this build will be ok.

Use Plugin Updater for managing Miranda up to date
Plugin updater killed #16744 and "updated" to #13028... and replaced all beta plugins that i downloaded and replaced manually to old ones... :(
It's good to see backup that plugin updater created. Comparing shows that backup is not full. Not all components from #16744 was backed up.
./Icons/SecureIM_icons.dll and HistoryPP_icons.dll was not in backup.
Ok. I'll fix it manually. No more "plugin updater" for me (i think until stable release of Miranda?).

It's fun to see that last stable miranda/plugins was exactly 1 year ago, at 2015/04/22, #16744 and latest plugin builds - at 2016/04/22. LOL :)
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Offline Robyer

Plugin updater killed #16744 and "updated" to #13028... and replaced all beta plugins that i downloaded and replaced manually to old ones...
Yes, because you have set in Options / Services / Plugin updater, that you want to use STABLE versions of Miranda. That's why PU "updated" to latest stable version. You can switch that to "development versions" and it will be allright. You can't mix using plugin updater and not using it, because it compares only file hashes with those on server (it doesn't compare build numbers/dates or version numbers of plugins) - it won't keep your "manually updated" plugins (unless they are same as on server).
I was developing mainly Facebook, Omegle, Steam, Dummy and MobileState plugins. Now I'm retired. Goodbye, everyone. ~ You can still find me on Facebook.