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Hello everyone! :) I have found something in MirOTR where I'm not exactly sure if it's a bug or maybe a feature request, but I guess it's probably a bug or unintended behavior.

I have noticed that MirOTR does view unencrypted messages as an OTR system message, if my OTR session is still active and my conversation partner has switched the device or restarted the program, etc (anything which removes his current OTR session, but doesn't send a command to quit my OTR session). Please take a look at picture 1. I have tested this scenario with myself, but have seen it enough times before. My steps were the following:

1. Write a message to myself with the help of two Jabber accounts and two Miranda clients, one in a virtual machine
2. After my first text where I had written "a test", I have blocked the connection in my virtual machine and then I have quitted my OTR session on my real system. This simulates the behavior when somebody is switching his device and the OTR session is still active on my partners side. Then I have enabled the internet connection in my virtual machine again. (so, session is still active in virtual machine, but quitted on my real system)
3. Write a second message to myself (virtual machine) with the text "a second test".

Now take a look at picture 2. I have removed the tick at "Show OTR system messages inline". I have repeated the steps above and the result is a lot less text at the chat window. But more critical, the message "a second test" isn't there! It's useful that MirOTR tells me that this message wasn't encrypted while I have an active OTR session, but the problem is now, with this disabled option I wouldn't see the text message from my contact in this case, as the text message from my contact (in this case from myself) is included in MirOTRs system message.

Why does this matter? Because it's annoying or disruptive for some of my contacts if I'm switching my device and refreshing the OTR session, or quitting the session and starting it later again. The OTR system message acts like a real message and my contacts were expecting a real message when Mirandas taskbar item flashes up. I could solve this issue of course by removing the system messages, but then there is this problem that me or my contacts could lose a message if it happens that our OTR sessions aren't synchronous (one active and one non-existent) due to a client switch, restart, or an error in the matrix. I don't want to risk it as I had sometimes some controversial moments because of message loss (when I was still using Jitsi - it doesn't support Jabber / XMPP message receipts).

The solution? It would be very nice if in such cases where MirOTR would say "The following message was NOT encrypted" the message is split up in two messages. First, the OTR system message saying that a message was not encrypted, then second, the main text message. If an user has disabled the system message setting, he / she could still see the unencrypted message. Please take a look at picture 3.

Hopefully this text was understable and thank you very much if you are looking into this case! :)
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I agree. I hated this behavior of losing unencrypted messages too. I hope someone will fix/change it :-) (I'm not even using MirOTR anymore)
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Thanks so much :THUMBS UP: I do appreciate it a lot!