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Hello... Здравствујте.  :D

Cutting right to the chase, I've begun Miranda NG translation just yesterday. Here's what I've picked up on:
- the =Core= file from the GitHub, since it seemed to me as the most up-to date one;
- the Russian translation file, the langpack_russian with more that 40k lines.

Currently, I'm about 10% done into the translation. I do have some important questions:

* How often is the template updated? How do I compare the two files - one that I'm working on and the newer one?
* Where do I upload? Are there any useful links explaining how it's done in this (Miranda NG) community?
* Do I really need to register with GitHub for uploading my work or is there another convenience, such as Launchpad?
* I've adopted the manner of revising russian translations. Is the .txt format just for deployment, or..?
Any other help will be greatly appreciated, since the 'Languages' sections are scarce with insight for new translators.

Important - Translation Status
langpack_serbian.txt | 77847 bytes | core
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there is some info about how to create a langpack here. Some more info in russian can be found here. The langpacks/english is usually updated after some more lines changed in the source code, and you have to Run Refresh.bat after that to merge changes in your langpacks. A Diff tool (like the one included in TortoiseSVN) is very useful to see the changes. And there is "Untranslated" folder.

About uploading it: It is comitted right to our SVN, not to GitHub. You can get an account there or upload your work on the forums and someone will committ for you, giving you proper credits.

Thank you, Wishmaster ^^

I'm gonna keep typing (and typing) whilst storing backup copies, just in case.
TortoiseSVG should be enough; it's a powerful tool, hence the simplicity of LangPackMgr's interface.

I did understand this - My SVN client should "checkout" what I select so that I could sync with from that point.
What I don't really get is - does it work the same on both ends, do I upload directly to Miranda NG's SVN? What does the 'trac' server have to do with it, if it does anyway? SVN server (this, and every other I've looked at) lacks login capabilities, unlike GitHub and Trac.

Thank you for your concern with apprentice contributors,

AnrDaemon: - a must read for anyone getting in the ways of version control. Not only Subversion. (Also, Subversion, of course, have authentication capabilities. Doesn't mean they are required for normal operation.)

vultures, IMHO much better than LangPackMgr is using way described on wiki as Wishmaster linked. You can use your classic text editor and Refresh.bat script will also redistribute your already translated strings in one file to other files (so you don't need to write it few times for same strings in different plugins).

About SVN server you're free to Checkout ( = prepare and download content of svn server to your disk) and then regularly do Update ( = download new commits from svn server to your disk) without any registration. Only when you want to Commit something to server, your SVN client will raise Auth dialog to type login and password. Only chosen people have commit rights - it's not related to user registration on trac.

Don't download anything manually and use SVN client instead as it will save your time for updating (and eventually commiting) langpack.

Also don't use that Github repository, it is just mirror of our SVN repository ( ) and commits on that Github mirror are available with delays.


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