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Apart for not sharing the fuss over the dilemma for wrapping empty lines with ready langpacks, I certainly do share your enthusiasm. Let's be clear, using one giant langpack file, which by my own means of doing translation via langpack_russian is my own preference. I've done translations before and even with similar large outputs - and you've gotta agree how being fluent in two languages gets you places whilst directly translating into your native language is only supposed to do so.  ;)

Knowing slavic and anglo-saxon langs is just like being able to compare bit-logic and hex-code on-the-fly, and that's an advantage I'm willing to use. On the other hand, it has nothing to do with those means that maintainers of Miranda NG utilize, like Git, SVN and Trac. As far as my opinion is concerned, the only thing I know is that GitHub is chosen descendent of SVN for online collaboration - and simply because it allows for greater developer control of large-scale projects. Imagine 30+ forks and only one (dedicated) lead dev - and on SVN - and you'll get my idea.

Since you've let me decide what the translation process should look like, lemme sum up once again:

* Acquisition of latest =CORE= export, checking references to Miranda core and commiting (check)
* Using the strings from the (most basic) langpack to build a file used for translating all the essential plugins (pending)
* Checking the version control for updates whilst attempting to translate all 20k+ lines in a master file (yet to come)
* Maintaining the translation via SVN (if I get sufficient privileges) whilst checking project status on Git.
Thank you guys. The scripts are useful tools but (and be certain of it) they are meant for guys like yourselves, already used to doing things their way, getting comfortable with whatever tools you've used all along.

For future translators sake (I don't think anyone's gonna team up with me on this immediately) those couple'o refreshing (and installing) scripts are useful for working in ready enviroments. If you had one translator for the core, another for protocols and the third one chasing the translations for remaining plug-ins this could prove very handy for somewhat internal version control and that is, before commiting to either SVN or GitHub.

With core Miranda done, I can use expressions and strings to speed up the rest of my (currently pending) translation. Its benefits are great, and I'm yet to decide upon a dedicated tool for the process.

P.S. (I almost forgot) -- @Watcher: yes, that's what SVN is supposed to offer should someone decide to team up with me.

Anyway - now new (and unfinished  ;D) serbian langpack is included here and on miranda-ng site in Downloads in Langpacks section below.

Aaand - thanks, really appreciate it.
I'm a dawg.  :THUMBS UP:


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