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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #285 on: 02 11 2015, 20:45:25 »
santa, I said it wrong - update will be ready tomorrow (builds at night) :)
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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #286 on: 02 11 2015, 20:47:05 »
Ok, i have tested on today version built at 16:05, according Tox.dll time.  :)

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #287 on: 04 11 2015, 21:35:31 »
Latest version has IsOnline fixed, but for multipart messages only first part is sent and second one is not or not received by qTox on another side.

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #288 on: 12 11 2015, 10:33:26 »
@unsane, it is not possible to use proxy with Tox - whenever I set up a proxy for connections, the whole protocol says failed to initialize tox core and that proxy settings are not valid. Other protocols work just fine with the same setting.

(this is with ipv6 and udp disabled in tox network options)
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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #289 on: 16 11 2015, 11:40:22 »
santa, bug with multipart messages should be fixed in last nightly build.
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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #290 on: 14 12 2015, 12:56:35 »
I noticed some strange/buggy behavior with tox profile.

Clean miranda, latest dev build, only plugins are tox and clist_nicer and history++.

Create new tox profile. Profile created, cannot sign in -> have to go into network->tox and click "Create profile", or click "Create profile" on the account screen. Not intuitive - should probably warn the user that he has to do this (or import a tox profile) otherwise it won't work.

After creating the profile, a <profilename>.tox file is created in your profile folder; however, the .tox file is 0b in size and contains nothing. Setting your nick or changing any settings has no effect until you log in; if you set your nick before you log in, it is overwritten with an empty string (from the empty profile, I assume). This should be stated (that it is only possible to change your name when you're logged in.)

Once you log in for the first time, the tox profile will have your tox ID in it.

Adding someone from miranda when miranda is the requestor of the friend request -> you can add them, they will see the request and add you, but when you then exit miranda, the profile size will remain the same as before and the new contact information is not stored. When you then exit miranda and start it up again, you will see that contact in your friendlist, however this is just internal miranda contact store and not an actual contact in tox protocol. You will NOT be able to message this person or see them online again. It will say "The friend number did not designate a valid friend" if you try to message them regardless.

Adding someone from miranda when miranda is the acknowledger of the friend request-> their name will OVERWRITE the previously added contact since I assume their friend "id" is now 0 (as in the first friend) so whoever was added previously is out of luck. The history and everything else will now belong to the newly added user. The save file now grows a little with the new actually-added tox id. When you exit and restart miranda, then, before you log in, the newly added user will have the PREVIOUS USER'S NAME, but will actually keep the history. Once you log in, that user's name will become their TOX ID (long hash). Once both of you are online, that user's TOX ID-name will become their actual name.

Long story short, miranda is mutilating tox profile somehow by overwriting the last added person and not saving new changes.

Please if you can, fix this as soon as possible. Thank you!

To the other users of tox, do NOT add new people on your contact list right now - or temporarily export your tox profile, use it in uTox/qTox and then import it back. It's fixed!
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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #291 on: 14 12 2015, 14:07:13 »
Fresh crash on Tox by "toxcore\Messenger.c (2550): messenger_size"

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #292 on: 23 12 2015, 11:09:26 »
Issue with profile being incorrectly saved (for example when adding a friend or when being added) has now been resolved in r15928. Thanks!

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #293 on: 29 12 2015, 22:03:40 »
When you use tabsrmm's "send later" on an offline tox contact, the message will appear to have been sent during the next "cycle", even though it's obviously impossible.

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Can't load Tox protocol
« Reply #294 on: 14 01 2016, 18:20:23 »
I'm trying to install this protocol from here, but it just won't load, requiring files mir_core.mir & mir_app.mir.
I tried downloading them and putting them in Plugins, Libs or next to miranda binary, but to no avail.
So how do I install this protocol?

Here is the VI:
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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #295 on: 14 01 2016, 20:15:20 »
You need to switch to development version of miranda and let plugin updater update your miranda. Make a backup before you switch.

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #296 on: 18 02 2016, 09:08:51 »
Minor issue:

Version: latest dev miranda, latest dev tox; but it's been happening for a very long time.

When starting miranda (all protocols offline), trying to connect to tox (global status->online (or any other)), tox will connect, but it will not have any status message, even if one was set. To apply it, you have to switch to any status (even the same!) once tox is already connected.

Please make it so that tox connects and sets the status message like all other protocols.

Thank you!

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #297 on: 25 04 2016, 15:37:11 »
When a file transfer fails (for any reason) file will remain locked until miranda is restarted. Cancelling transfer should unlock the file instead.

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #298 on: 27 04 2016, 23:31:58 »
Ain't that a generic Miranda issue?

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Re: Tox protocol
« Reply #299 on: 28 04 2016, 07:28:16 »
It's possible, but I don't send files using other protocols and when I do, they're small files and there are no disconnects.... so I didn't have the "pleasure" of finding out.