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I have made some research on whatsapp smileys. Since whatsapp uses the emoji, pretty much like Vkontakte does, you can actually take VK smilepack and see most of the incoming smiles. Thats not a solution ofcourse. So, we can easily extract all the smile icons from the official android client - just unpack it with some archiver and you'll find them at res\drawable-hdpi folder. Finding out all the smile codes manually would take forever since there are over 800 smiles, so the main problem is to find the smiles data inside the client. I guess that data can be found in xml files at the same folder with icons, but those xml's are encrypted, I haven't managed to open them. Perhaps someone knows how to open those xmls?

I think that smiley code is in filename. It contains hexadecimal number which should be same (or similar) to number representation of emoji character in unicode. Question is in what format are they received/showed in VKontakte chat in Miranda...


--- Quote from: Robyer on 08 12 2013, 21:28:11 ---Question is in what format are they received/showed in VKontakte chat in Miranda...
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Oh... so this topic is resolved? :-)

OT: Did someone tried these emojis with Facebook plugin?

Well, Vkontakte uses 2 (sometimes 3) smiley code formats:
kinda html code: ☝
unicode symboll (emoji): ☝
and simple punctuation marks and characters: :up:

Whatsapp smilies use 1 format for sure - unicode symbols (emoji). You see them when someone sends you a smiley from an official client. But they are not all the same as in VK (50/50 or so).


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