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Is possible usage of eomticons in whatsapp plugin?

It is possible, we just don't have a fully-functional smile pack.

I hope, that would help (470 WhatsApp smileys, msl file included):


--- Quote from: el_even on 06 08 2014, 01:38:50 ---I hope, that would help (470 WhatsApp smileys, msl file included):

--- End quote ---
Unfortunately it doesn't work, at least not for me.
Post Merge: 14 08 2014, 18:43:11Here, today I have compiled this smiley pack. Works quite ok.
One thing though, the order of emoticons is somewhat messy.
And also the pictures themselves are pretty big, so in order to make them look better in the message log one needs to scale them down. Go Options -> Customize -> Smileys. And in "Display" section select "Scale smileys to text height". I've set "Minimum smiley height" to 21.

Nice work! Did you try some algorithm to convert hexademical picture names to unicode symbols? I have tested your pack and figured out a problem: sending smilies from miranda to of. client works fine, but it is not so fine backwards. You have assigned one code for each smiley, but it looks like whatsapp also uses alternate codes for pretty many of them.

For example:

I have assigned both your variant (invisible symbol, you send this) and the one an android official client sends (face). It works fine in both directions. Perhaps it would work fine if you only assign the second one (if all the official clients send only the face), but ideally they should be both listed. And I dunno any easy way to figure out those alternate codes which the official client sends, other then finding out them manually.


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