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In the last period I'm running into various issues using Hangouts/google chat in Miranda.

I try to make a list, including old problems (hoping that now it is possible to solve some of them)
  • In the last days I've serious difficulties to connect Miranda to google (other protocols I use connect flawlessly), the icon blinks, the list remains offline and it seems I can't receive messages (that would be obvious, if there was not the next point)
    EDIT: I'm trying now and it seems that some message arrives, apparently receive or don't receive a message on Miranda is absolutely random.
  • While Miranda is trying to connect to google (icon blinking) it seems I can send messages, I can see them on my smartphone and my interlocutor receive them.  :o
  • Even if google results connected (Jabber icon not blinking and users appears online) I loose many messages, especially if the content includes numbers or links. Sometimes these messages produce an error popup (I will try to report the text next time it will happen).
  • While images sent with hangouts are reported as links in the chat window (I can click them and the image is shown in the browser), the images sent by the new Google Chat are reported but without any link. Note that using an old version of hangouts on an old smartphone the images are reported with a clickable link while with a newer version of hangouts (on a most recent smartphone) the images are displayed.
  • All the users I added in the last years result ever offline, while old users are shown online correctly. Years ago I worked around the problem letting them added me instead the I searched and added them to my contact list, but this trick stopped working many time ago. Now I've to cohabit with many ever-offline users (luckily there is the option to show a contact even if offline).
  • I can't receive offline messages for years (surely I've already asked about this in the past, I suppose this issue starts when google limited the support to XMPP).

  • I connect to google using Jabber protocol and proper settings. Maybe there is some alternative ways? (a more specific protocol for hangouts or the new google chat, for example)
  • If there is a better protocol, is it possible to maintain all the history I've archived with the Jabber protocol I'm using
  • Is there any plan to support google chat in the future?

NOTE: I'm trying to use Miranda from an old XP installation.

Some info in brief:
Miranda NG Version: build #23827 (7aed0b0bb7) - Nov 13th 2021
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)

I suppose I need to provide a netlog, but let's start with these informations.

Thanks!  :)
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Re: Strange behaviours with Jabber/Hangouts/google chat
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1. Yes, you have to provide a network log for each case you reported, core + Jabber (nothing else).
2. XMPP connector is provided by Google for compatibility purposes only, and it is known to be very poor in the matters of XMPP protocol implementation. Perhaps we need the separate protocol for Hangouts, but right now we have no free coders to do that.

WMBR, George Hazan.

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Re: Strange behaviours with Jabber/Hangouts/google chat
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Thanks for the fast answer.

I'll provide the netlog in the next days, the next time I'll try to reconnect. At the moment is seems connected (nonetheless it seems I don't receive all the message) and I don't want to go through all that again.
In the meantime I'll try to screenshot the error notification if it will appear again.

PS: as Hangouts is about to be dismissed, it would be desirable a separate protocol for the new google chat. Ok, that don't change the situation, the lack of free coders appears to be a huge obstacle! ;D
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Re: Strange behaviours with Jabber/Hangouts/google chat
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It seems that the "not received message" problem was temporary (maybe google changing something server-side preparing the final passage from Hangouts to Chat), now Miranda is connected and messages arrive as usual.
As I don't want to break the incantation, I'll wait the next reconnection to produce a netlog (but as the issue seems to be solved, maybe it will not be much useful...).

By the way... any idea about users that appears ever offline? Solve this problem would be very useful for me. Is it a known issue?