Author Topic: Does 2FA "break" Discord with Miranda NG?  (Read 2185 times)

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Does 2FA "break" Discord with Miranda NG?
« on: 25 05 2020, 19:37:47 »
Seems like 2FA is causing Discord to not work. It says it is sending me to a browser page to complete a Captcha and I log in and do the Captcha and nothing happens.

I really want to get this to work because this program will be awesome when I do.

Edit: It just says `Discord (locked)`, so that is why I am guessing it is related to 2FA.
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Re: Does 2FA "break" Discord with Miranda NG?
« Reply #1 on: 02 06 2020, 20:41:20 »
Miranda does not support 2FA for Discord.

Locked = This means that an account that is locked will not respond to changes in the global status of Miranda. Click on this menu item to unlock.