Author Topic: Crash in latest builds under Windows 11 (Miranda x86 running inside WOW64)  (Read 2347 times)

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Offline eugeny

I use Miranda x86 running inside WOW64 at Windows 11.
Latest dev builds crashes if I try to see history or compose message in ICQ protocol. The crash was observed by me at  builds #25161 and  #25163.
See crash report in attachment.
Previous dev builds (for example, build #25139) works fine.

Offline Vulpix

Might be related to where after recent commits trying to open the history crashes miranda instantly (without any crash log in my case though). I already notified Ghazan of this, too.

EDIT: yeah, when I updated to latest, it also crashed for me, this time with a real crash log :p so, for sure it's the same problem.
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Offline dartraiden

Fixed in build 25164.
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