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TabSRMM: Tab in Chatroom Behaviour
« on: 19 02 2020, 20:24:11 »

Recently (I can't pinpoint the exact update I'm sorry, but I think it was the big major release) the behaviour of TAB in a Chatroom window has changed.

For the last ~10 years I've been able to type the first 2-3 letters of a nick in the channel, hit tab, and it'll fill out there name.
i.e. I type "zac<tab>" and it'll autocomplete in the message area to "Zach Wing: " with the cursor still focused in the chat window.

But now, if I hit tab, I still get "Zach Wing: " BUT now focus is lost in the chat window, I have to manually re-select the window to keep typing.

I had a play with the options (which I never have to do, TabSRMM is just a workhorse I never need to fiddle with) and tried the "Tabs and Layout->Allow Tab Key in Typing Area" option, which I don't remember seeing before, but if I select that I get "Zach Wing:         " and I have to backspace.

Is there a setting, or is this a bug, with the latest version of TabSRMM?  Tab complete always used to just let me hit Tab, it'd complete the name with a colon and a space and I could keep typing.

Many Thanks!  Sorry my entire bunch of posts appear to be just bugs, but MirandaIM is just a lolely, rock solid beast for me :)

Much Love,

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Re: TabSRMM: Tab in Chatroom Behaviour
« Reply #2 on: 20 02 2020, 19:49:26 »
fixed, thanks
will port that patch to the stable version, too

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Re: TabSRMM: Tab in Chatroom Behaviour
« Reply #3 on: 20 02 2020, 20:06:02 »
Thanks both of you, I'm sorry I didn't realised there was a github, I'd have searched their first.
Anyway, appreciate the replies, will wait for a stable update to drop.

Thanks again!!