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Facebook - A Different Perspective
« on: 02 12 2019, 04:54:58 »
Like others I to have had issues.

In the past 4+ months facebook has blocked my account (even via a web browser) 8 odd times now and has forced me to verify by either expecting me to upload personally identifiable documents (passport scans etc) or a photo of myself.

At first they claimed my account was compromised and suggested I was a victim of phishing. I emailed them and said that I thought asking for a copy of my address and a governmental photo was a more aggressive form of phishing.

Since then all I get is blocked every so often and asked to go through the idiotic 'click a picture of a bus' then upload a photo of yourself.

Either way this tends to happen if:

1: Miranda shows some issue about the facebook dll (common at the moment.)

2: I keep Miranda logged in whilst I connect via a web browser.

3: Maybe Facebook is just being aggressive about profiling?

I only use Facebook to stay in contact with close family and friends. (Less than 10 people.) Though like most have loved Miranda for years as it allows us to keep in connection via a range of networks with all our mates.

The dll \ plugin issue shows a message saying something like 'not all aspects of the plugin have been loaded but the plugin may still work'..

There is of course the issue that Facebook are being anti IM apps or I am a victim of aggressively profiling.

Just for a sanity check can I ask the gender and age of people who are having this problem? (In case it is more about aggressive profiling.) (I am male \ 50)

Or if people leave Miranda connected to Facebook whilst they also connect to Facebook via their web browser at the same time? (Or use a Chrome based web browser at the same time where they have not previously logged out of Facebook.)

No politics please.

Just being broadly inquisitive to the reasons for the Facebook issue.


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Re: Facebook - A Different Perspective
« Reply #1 on: 12 12 2019, 03:21:59 »
I don't think it's facebook going aggressive about profiling

I got blocked a LOT of times in the past months and had to change passwords a lot; so I think it also doesn't matter if I'm logged in the browser or not. Once I got blocked when I wasn't online (actually I was sleeping and the pc was off so facebook wasn't active at all)

Ironically this leads to another random thing which is facebook suddenly stopping to simply random letting choose friends/change password and asking to upload your id paper
With some luck I was able to get around that by using different steps (like using the "forgotten password?" method if I remember well?) so that it would just let me change password for unblocking it;
but it will get blocked again sooner or later no matter what, so I have stopped using facebook with miranda (since messages seem bugged as well) until if maybe a solution is found

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Re: Facebook - A Different Perspective
« Reply #2 on: 14 12 2019, 18:04:24 »
I had to switch to Pidgin because of this.   It's definitely a Miranda problem.  I really didnt want to switch but most of my contacts now have switched to facebook.   The Facebook messenger itself sucks and while Pidgin isn't as good as Miranda, in my opinion, I haven't been blocked in the last 2-3 months.   With Miranda I lost my facebook account even after setting up all their security crap.  I named 3 trusted friends to send me codes if I ever got locked out.  Even with that, facebook locked it and  wouldnt give the account back..

I check these forums every so often hoping those working on Miranda can fix it as I'd prefer to go back to it.