Author Topic: MirOTR: Echoing messages back to sender  (Read 544 times)

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MirOTR: Echoing messages back to sender
« on: 29 03 2019, 15:50:42 »
[OTR INFO] The following message received from 'user' was NOT encrypted:

When there is a problem with the OTR session (it happens alot with Conversations Legacy and Pix Art users), or when the OTR session has been closed, unencrypted messages from the other user is sent back to them (without error.. they just get what they typed). Could someone disable this behavior?

I think the offending line is: /plugins/MirOTR/src/otr.cpp (line 385):
ProtoChainSend(hContact, PSS_MESSAGE, PREF_BYPASS_OTR, (LPARAM)message);

Maybe related to issue from 2017:
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Re: MirOTR: Echoing messages back to sender
« Reply #1 on: 27 06 2019, 13:33:44 »
if you're able to look at the source, could you try to find a setting (perhaps, hidden one) that control the behavior of this feature?