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Attention Windows XP users
« on: 19 09 2019, 16:34:33 »
Due to the renewal of the certificate used by our server, Windows XP users have lost the ability to receive the updates using PluginUpdater.

Please do the following:
  • switch to Custom version in the updater settings (Options → Services → Plugin Updater)
  • manually replace https by http
  • apply settings and run update check (Main menu → Search for updates)
  • update Miranda and switch back to the desired version (Options → Services → Plugin Updater)
  • (Important) do not enable Use HTTPS option
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Re: Attention Windows XP users
« Reply #1 on: 20 09 2019, 14:20:39 »
Thanks for the post @dartraiden!

I guess the new certificate is also the reason why I can't connect to the forums anymore with my older brower.
The main page still works though. Different https protocol?

EDIT After a reboot, everything is working fine, including the forums at
Perhaps the cache or the cookies were cleared. Just a guess.
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