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MSN protocol / server side groups
« on: 09 09 2017, 08:10:01 »

is there a known problem with managing server side groups on MSN?
I've added a new contact with Miranda 0.95.6 (the option to manage groups on server was enabled).

Everytime after disconnecting and reconnecting to MSN ( it looses its group.

After moving the contact to the group again, I looked into the "server list" in Properties -> Protocols -> MSN and all looks fine, also if I click on update the contact remains in its group in this list. After disconnecting and reconnecting its outside.

Looking in the Profile Editor, I can see, that the GroupID attribute of the contact gets removed on connecting.

I don't have the problem with contacts, that I've added years ago. They remain in their groups.
If I disable server side group managing, the new contact stays in its group.
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