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Re: Discord protocol
« Reply #30 on: 25 02 2019, 11:03:43 »
I was wondering if there's a technical reason that group chats display user names with the discriminator (#1234)?

When using discord through a web browser, group chats there only display the plain user names, which I find looks a bit nicer.

As a quick test I removed the discrimator (when assigning wszNick in OnCommandGuildMemberUpdated and ParseGuildContents) and it appears to still work. Perhaps it could be an option?

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Re: Discord protocol
« Reply #31 on: 25 02 2019, 17:49:21 »
There are many things wrong with the way group chats work - like how you can't easily @person, you can't send media to group chat etc. This part with the IDs could be an easy toggle option (show/not show). I like seeing both because I have some chats where a person is present with the same name but different ID.