Author Topic: Will Miranda support Yahoo after the Aug 5th 'shutdown?'  (Read 5895 times)

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I posted about this in the general thread about a month ago, but there was no comment as to the current compatibility or plans to add compatibility.
Should Miranda-based Yahoo users still expect disruption / discontinuation of support for Yahoo in Miranda and migrate to other services, or is Miranda is already using the new protocol?

When I originally looked this up about a month ago, the impression was that Yahoo was shutting down its legacy messenger client servers. Multiple sites reported that the legacy client and 3rd party clients would cease to connect. At the time there was no new desktop client, so it seemed like they were forcing people to use either Mobile, or Browser-based chat due to not providing a desktop client download. They do appear to offer a client for the desktop now where as a month ago im fairly sure that they did not. From their own help page they state:

Can I still use older versions of Yahoo Messenger?
"Only until August 5, 2016. We encourage you to upgrade to the new Yahoo Messenger ahead of time, as versions 11.5 (Windows), 3.0 (Mac), 1.x (Android) and below, and older versions of Yahoo Messenger for iOS will be discontinued at that time."

Can I use Yahoo Messenger with 3rd party messaging apps?
No. The new version of Yahoo Messenger doesn't work with 3rd party clients, like Trillian and Pidgin.
Trillian posted a help page about this issue.


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Re: Will Miranda support Yahoo after the Aug 5th 'shutdown?'
« Reply #1 on: 18 08 2016, 21:46:12 »
Looks like they moved the shutdown to August 31. Got this message on the service today:

2016-08-18 - 3:40:59 PM YahooMessenger It’s time to upgrade! Your version of Yahoo Messenger is currently being discontinued, and will no longer work as of August 31, 2016. Get the newest version at to continue using Yahoo Messenger. For more information, go to

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Re: Will Miranda support Yahoo after the Aug 5th 'shutdown?'
« Reply #2 on: 19 08 2016, 01:19:59 »
Somebody made a plugin for Pidgin to work with the new Yahoo 2016 protocol. I don't see why someone couldn't do the same for Miranda-NG.

Whether Yahoo Messenger is still WORTH using, though, is debatable. The new Messenger protocol is missing most of the features of the old one... no webcam/videochat, no file transfers, not even a "buddy list". Over 3000 negative comments (and growing) at their feedback page, and users on their web forum are just as turned off by the "new" Messenger.

Yahoo has really shot themselves in the foot with this one. Most everyone's moving on to Skype or other services, I think...

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Re: Will Miranda support Yahoo after the Aug 5th 'shutdown?'
« Reply #3 on: 19 08 2016, 06:54:27 »
I fully agree. I dont see this as being a positive move and I certainly dont like the direction they're going. But i also have friends who wont switch away from yahoo, where as i am reluctant to adopt an inferior messaging client to stay in contact. switching protocols is always a huge pain and is -never- easy or fun. It always seems like you end up moving from an old and outdated service to a new and inferior service thats trying to hype up all these new features you dont want, and have no control over. Would be great if there was some sort of universally appealing new and good messaging service that everyone wanted to be a part of, that had great 3rd party client support and plenty of configuration options too. Maybe one day!

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Re: Will Miranda support Yahoo after the Aug 5th 'shutdown?'
« Reply #4 on: 21 08 2016, 18:25:55 »
the only problem is that the author of libyahoo, Gennady Feldman, is retired for about six years, and I cannot contact him right now.
so there's currently nobody who might adapt our plugin for a new protocol version (and as far as I see, the scale of changes could be dramatic)