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Thank you for automatic update
« on: 18 06 2016, 13:22:39 »
Hi everyone,

I just registered recently and wanted to say that I am happy about Miranda NG's auto-update function.

there was some pl-stub.exe warning and after that miranda updates on it's own. the warning came out of nowhere. i am ok with that! i enjoy this because now i can install and recommend miranda ng to everyone. auto-update is one very very important function. most people i know don't know anything about computer and software altough they spend billions of bucks per year for shit. i saw it with my own eyes! 60000 € for some pcs for a dentist clinic, i'm sorry, for some SHIT! and me with no money i can build the BEST with no money. those people don't understand how important an update is. as far as i know, only firefox, miranda, skype a little bit, windows 10 itself, libreoffice a little bit, VLC, µtorrent (no updates for since a few months or even years i don't know why), imgburn, teamviewer and some other software has auto-update built in, also steam, gog, avira. but 7-zip, audacity, linphone, vuescan (cracked ofc), dillo (nice software, very very nice, i work a lot with copy post helper). everytime i have to update their pcs. it's unbelievable. also it happens that firefox or skype update very very slow, especially libreoffice. i have to click everytime the "update now BITCH" button. updates are important. updates are love. updates are life.

the best system in this world is debian's system with APT, apititude and symnaptic. there is some huge table kept up-to-date and the operating system checks it from time to time to see, if some program needs to be updated.

gmail won't work right? i waited more than 2 hours for the activation mail, now i use my yahoo mail. i registered with rotefanta, now i use rotefantas. this question was a bit tricky:
Лучший IM клиент - Best IM client (одно слово - one word):

i can't read russian so i type miranda everytime.

miranda ng works fine so far, i use it mostly for jabber. and thank you for 64-bit support! so i have only one program files folder under c:/ and no program files (x86).

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Re: Thank you for automatic update
« Reply #1 on: 25 06 2016, 09:06:47 »
i too welcome the many recent updates, but how comes? i've never had update notifications before with Miranda.