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Using Default Browser
« on: 15 12 2015, 05:20:42 »
Hi. I have one machine that uses Miranda NG x64 with IEview installed in a Win 8.1 x64 machine with Cyberfox as the default browser.

I have two other machines that use the same set up, but using Win 7 Home 64x and Chrome as the default browser.

For the Win 8.1 machine, links in the chat log that are clicked open correctly in Cyberfox.

For the Win 7 machines, links that are clicked open in IE. When IEview is removed, though, they open correctly in Chrome.

I clicked a link in an e-mail in Outlook for one of the two machines, and the link opened correctly in Chrome.

I tried resetting the default browser (setting IE as the default, and then making Chrome the default) but the problem remained.

Is there a way to make sure that links in the two machines open in the default browser, and preferably without removing IEview?