Author Topic: "Remove status message if contact offline" don't work for "Disconnected: closed"  (Read 2915 times)

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I have a little problem in using an option of Miranda in :

Contact List -> Additional Stuff -> Additional stuff -> "Remove status message if contact became offline".

In my contact list, my contact show 2 lines, the first with its name, and the second with its status message. Normaly with the above option checked, when one of my contact goes offline, the status message is not shown because i find it useless if the person is not there anyway.

It works very well, except sometimes when contact goes offline and close is Miranda ng, their status message in my Miranda is automatically changed to : "Disconnected: closed" instead of "offline" (i don't know why) and this status message stays like this until the next time they connects with Miranda.

I have little by little supress all the plugins I have, to see if this option "remove status..." was interfered by one of them which take over it, but this particular status message is always shown even if the option is checked.

I look in the database with dbeditor and in the folder UserOnline of the contact, there is a key: LastStatusMsg which value is "Disconnected: closed". This is this key that is always shown in the second line of those contact untill they reconnects and even if the option remove status if offline is checked.

I tried also to change the langage file to replace this particular message to something else less visible, but apparently this message status is not managed by the language file.

Is there a way to ask Miranda not to show the last status message when a contact is disconnected or at least this particular message, and is there a reason why in this case the option "Remove status message if contact became offline" doesn't work ?

Thank you