Author Topic: Advanced Auto Away status dialog takes focus  (Read 2875 times)

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Advanced Auto Away status dialog takes focus
« on: 14 07 2015, 08:12:32 »
Often I unlock my PC and start writing a message while Miranda status is still 'away', but then Advanced Auto Away plugin shows its 'change status' dialog... it pops up at the front and takes input focus so part of my message goes to it instead of contact window. It would be very nice to prevent such unpleasant focus interceptions.

It is easy to reproduce  it with 0.95.4 (and earlier versions) under Windows 7 since Miranda can't distinguish UAC confirmations and workstation locks: trigger some UAC confirmation and wait for about 10 seconds (to be sure Miranda changed status to 'away'), then return to desktop and start typing a message to any contact until Advanced Auto Away 'change status' dialog appear. Notice that it gets focus and keyboard presses.
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Re: Advanced Auto Away status dialog takes focus
« Reply #1 on: 16 07 2015, 22:50:02 »
Disable popup for status change to Online. If it is ever possible.