Author Topic: Miranda tray icon "single-click" interface requires two clicks  (Read 2439 times)

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Offline Vulpix

The "single-click" interface (clist_modern, but I assume it works the same way for others) requires two clicks in case the user single-clicks the tray icon to bring miranda window up, then uses some other application (which covers the miranda window) and then tries to use the tray icon to bring the window back up. This however acts as a show/hide toggle and since 'show' was the last action, miranda window becomes hidden - a new click is then required to bring it back forward and on top of the other window.

The situation is even worse when you use double click - because the toggle works exactly the same and you have to click the miranda tray icon FOUR TIMES :D

This gets confusing because you are never sure whether you have to click twice or just once and you end up having to click 3 times if you guess wrong because you bring the interface up and then hide it.

Ideally, the single-click interface should work like this:

If miranda window isn't on top -> single click to show on top.
If miranda window is on top -> single click to hide.

Making miranda window always on top is not a solution.

Same for the double blick interface except obviously replace every single click with a double one.