Author Topic: IE View for IRC ( Cool IRC Skins ? )  (Read 1381 times)

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IE View for IRC ( Cool IRC Skins ? )
« on: 01 03 2015, 13:08:45 »
hi guys,

I really want to make my self a skin or modify existing one.. and was thinking about getting using ie view as it allows more control over the text padding from top and bottom and so on, I want to achieve a look of textual or something close to it:

Could you suggest me what should be the best approach to achieve it ? (as far as I understand there is no way to have untabbed list of channels.. on left side like in the Textual so I'm about to ignore it :> and stick with tabs) but in regards to the rest ? any suggestions are welcome.

What should I do to make it look as close as possible ?