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Re: Запорол профиль
« Reply #45 on: 02 03 2014, 21:15:24 »
Now My Miranda NG Start Only If I Delete Clist_nicer.dll and BuddyExpectator.dll Plugins,

Are you sure that they are new and updated and not some old builds that conflict with new core?


Are they not from here?

Try to update all to the latest possible versions, even manually for some plugins that might crash Miranda, because they old and don't fit.
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Re: Запорол профиль
« Reply #46 on: 02 03 2014, 21:19:12 »
ugh... both Clist_nicer.dll and BuddyExpectator.dll Plugins? or one of them?

you need to run dbchecker before converting the database... it seems that a database was seriously damaged bebore... that's why it crashed previously on upgrade and why some histories are empty now (they are simply not transferred because of a crash in the process of update)

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Re: Запорол профиль
« Reply #47 on: 02 03 2014, 21:32:11 »
Yes watcher, I Always Use The Latest Nigtly Version Of All Plugins

...If I Keep Clist_nicer.dll OR BuddyExpectator.dll Both Of Them Block Miranda To Start Up Normally...
...The Contact List Appear But Hang Miranda And I Can't Click Anything...
...If I Start With Console Opened I Can Switch Beetween Protocols Tabs But Miranda Concact List Is Blocked...

Well ghazan If I Try To Recover The Dbase I Lost Almost All My 10 Year History!!! The Resulting Dbase.dat
From 260mb Is 48mb ...But If I Run It With Latest Dbx_mmap.dl At Least I Can Recover Some Users History's...

Is Not Possible To Have A Debug Version Of The dbchecker So We Can Test Where Is The Error?  :'(
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Re: Запорол профиль
« Reply #48 on: 03 03 2014, 04:39:53 »
Новые драйвера базы с возможным исправлением проблемы:

enone,  please try these:

sever, и вы, пожалуйста, попробуйте.
Попробовал — база сконвертировалась, всё заработало, в обновлении прилетел Dbx_mmap.dll, и с ним всё запустилось. История вроде в порядке.
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