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[SOLVED] Duplicate skype contacts
« on: 03 07 2014, 22:17:59 »
I have the following problem:

I have updated from Miranda IM to Miranda IM NG with the IM Updater. All seems to went well, except that all (or most of them) my skype contacts are now duplicated (seems to be using the SkypeKit, not the classic). The duplicates seem to be with the original skype full name and the custom name I have set before (if any, or if not, again the full skype name).

One of the duplicates have history, while the other doesn't show it.
And of course if I open both contacts, Miranda crashes.
Deleting one of the contacts, forces skype to delete the real contact from the server, therefore, deletes the other as well.

What can I do to solve this, while keeping my history and possibly keeping the original names I have set (if set at all)?  ???

10x in advance.

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Kind of figured it out. Here's my solution (not the best, but...):

I opened the Database Editor++ to have a look at the contact settings and see the difference. It seems in Miranda IM using the skype plugin it has created contacts, that were identified by the key "<Contact>\SKYPE\Username". In the Miranda IM NG, the new skype plugin is identifying them by key "<Contact>\SKYPE\sid".
Because it didn't find the skype contacts by "sid", it re-created them on first online run and I ended up with all contacts duplicated (but the history is still bound to the old "Username" contacts).

So what I did was to re-upgrade from Miranda IM to Miranda IM NG, and before go online in skype, opened Database Editor++ and renamed all "Username" skype keys to "sid" manually. Now everything seems to be working fine. :)

Hint: because I had to rename 132 contacts, I used the CTRL+F feature, searched "Username" and it showed me exactly the keys I needed, so I just double-clicked and renamed.
If there is a better solution, I'd love to hear it.
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