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Miranda NG on GitHub
« on: 30 01 2014, 07:46:25 »
Good news, Miranda NG developers! We're on GitHub!

Now you may forget subversion nightmares and use the right tool to contribute to Miranda even more than before (: Pull requests are welcomed!

Please note, that our canonical repository is still on SVN and this probably wouldn't be change in near and middle future, so the GitHub repository is read only, but it syncs automatically with the main one.

Also, currently we haven't any integration between GitHub PR and our Trac, so if you made PR don't forget to ping core developers for the review.

Thank you for your work, happy coding and active contributing!

Update: I forgot the main thing. By default svn2git script creates mapping to user with email. Say, your svn user name is kxepal, you'll be represented as kxepal <> on GitHub. If you'd like to link your Miranda NG svn account with GitHub one, checkout private repository and update gitmap.txt file with your real name and email.
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