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0.94 RC2 - closer and closer to a release
« on: 29 01 2014, 19:17:26 »
This version gathers all minor fixes found in RC1. If no serious problems were detected, this build will be uploaded as 0.94 Release.

  • - Jabber groupchat windows are not closed anymore when a protocol goes offline (crash fix);
    - the decrypted profile created by mmap_sa could be read directly by Dbx_mmap, no conversion needed;
    - the 'Unknown' xStatus in MRA is correctly determined as 'Mobile';
    - SCRAM authentication mechanism fixed in Jabber, to support long salt strings;
    - all default font & color settings in Clist_modern, Clist_nicer, Clist_mw & even StdClist are corrected to match the options;
    - nicklist colors' order in TabSRMM fixed completely;
    - some fixes for language packs.

x86 Stable Core Build ........... x86 Stable Installer ........... x86 Stable Debug Symbols

x64 Stable Core Build ........... x64 Stable Installer ........... x64 Stable Debug Symbols

Plugin list - all the rest of the plugins!

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