Author Topic: Auto Replier Not Work Facebook  (Read 3236 times)

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Auto Replier Not Work Facebook
« on: 30 06 2014, 00:04:15 »
Hello, I come here asking for help already tried all ways puts auto responder on messenger facebook by miranda ng put facebook so have the option of "Online, Invisible, Offline" option where none of this appears in the auto replier, I tried to put some plugins miranda miranda im in ng however unsuccessfully, what do I come to ask is just a plugin with fução responding mesagens received the automatic facebook entando even online. example: Client "Good day you have x thing?" Miranda NG with my plugin that wish: "Just a moment please" ie just want a plugin that meets the automatic recebias message regardless of what is, I'm grateful for I am sorry the text using google translator, I will leave a discussion occurred today on page miranda ng: