Author Topic: Is there a way to IGNORE events?  (Read 2246 times)

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Is there a way to IGNORE events?
« on: 04 06 2014, 01:12:33 »
This is not the same thing as filtering events.  Let me explain.

I was in an XMPP chat room that was constantly fluctuating between 800 and 1000 users due to some server issues.  I had placed a filter on the room to ignore all the join/part chat spam, when I noticed an interesting thing.  As the fluctuations happened, all the text chat in my chat window would disappear.  A new page of chat would occur, then it would get erased again.

What was happening was that in my Settings -> Message Sessions -> Group chats page, my "Maximum number of events in the message window" was set to 100.  All those join/parts that I was filtering were still counted among those 100 max events (so I could presumably disable the filter and they would appear again).  So as people joined and parted en masse because of the server issues, all the actual text chat would get pushed off the log and disappear.

This brings me to my question.  Is there any way to completely IGNORE an event?  If I can keep events from even hitting the filter, I could completely strip out and join/part messages and not have the actual text chat disappear.  Is there some setting I can use or some plugin that exists to do this?  If not, I'll probably add an enhancement request to the bug tracker on it.
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Re: Is there a way to IGNORE events?
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