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Everything that was planned for version 0.94 in the roadmap is implemented now. Thus the 0.94 RC1 (aka 0.94.7) was released today, as a testbed to test the upgrade from any version to 0.94. Any bug reports that could stabilize 0.94 are greatly appreciated. Please note that your profiles are automatically converted to the new mmap-format and there is no way back to an elder version after the upgrade. It ts therefore recommended to make a backup before the upgrade.

What's new in it:

  • - all functionality of the kernel cyphering is completed;
    - the full encryption mode is finally implemented in Dbx_mmap, including all profile's settings and histories;
    - user can set, change or remove a database password;
    - the 'obsoleted' status is therefore assigned to Dbx_3x and Dbx_mmap_SA plugins, they are removed from svn and will be automatically replaced by PluginUpdater;
    - a transparent upgrade is provided from Dbx_3x and Dbx_mmap_SA (both from encrypted and unencrypted modes), all passwords should be automatically updated and recrypted;
    - chats engine was moved into a kernel, providing the ability to switch correctly from StdChat/Scriver/TabSRMM chats to another on the fly, without any need of restarting Miranda;
    - chats were implemented in VKontakte protocol;
    - about 20 bugs were fixed and closed;
    - a lot of problems in language packs were fixed.

x86 Stable Core Build ........... x86 Stable Installer ........... x86 Stable Debug Symbols

x64 Stable Core Build ........... x64 Stable Installer ........... x64 Stable Debug Symbols

Plugin list - all the rest of the plugins!

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