Author Topic: SkypeClassic - first message never shown  (Read 9910 times)

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SkypeClassic - first message never shown
« on: 06 01 2014, 15:26:30 »
Hello. Thanks for this awesome piece of software. I have one problem. As I shortly described in title of this topic - every first message from anyone, who writes me something via Skype (I am using skypeclassic plugin) is not shown in my MirandaNG client till I open this contact's chat window in Skype. Then, shortly after that, this first message is shown in Miranda chat window too (TabSRMM). Do anyone know, where is the problem? Thanks for all good ideas :).

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Re: SkypeClassic - first message never shown
« Reply #1 on: 08 01 2014, 18:22:26 »
This is a Skype API bug present in the lastest versions of Skype. It is already listed in the Skype tracker, but I doubt it will be fixed, since MS is dropping the API support.