Author Topic: Migrating from SkypeClassic to Skype plugin  (Read 13893 times)

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Migrating from SkypeClassic to Skype plugin
« on: 24 11 2013, 14:17:31 »
Hi there,
Is there a trick to migrate from SkypeClassic (with native exe) to Skype (with SkypeKit)?
I took my old Miranda IM profile, installed most of protocol plugins and put Skype and not SkypeClassic as "skype protocol"
However, when I start MiNG (Miranda NG):
- skype protocol is active (OK)
- has lost my old skype credentials (hmm, OK, easy to reenter)
- it does not recognize my contacts, so I suspect it has lost all contact history (hmm, this is not what I expect)
Thx for any tip., I will check on the old forum now...

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Re: Migrating from SkypeClassic to Skype plugin
« Reply #1 on: 01 12 2013, 12:02:45 »
I don't think you can migrate this way... SkypeClassic (and that contacts) have different internal account name.. also they may have different IDs or other data...

But did you tried open Account manager, select your SkypeClassic account and click on "Upgrade" button? Then set Skype protocol and maybe that will help...
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