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Never stops flood of "user stop typing" even popups


Hi all
Since some time when updated to the latest miranda version start to have some strange issue : when i use Jabber, some jabbber users who use PSI + OTR start to bring on me gazilion of "stop typing" events whih block the chat for a while. I had to disable stop typing events to at least didn't see them, but they still happens under the hood, and so for a while a can't start chat until this "gazilion of events" didn't passes.

Is it known issue ?


--- Quote from: kas1e on 18 08 2022, 07:03:31 ---Is it known issue ?

--- End quote ---
no, it's not. you need to make a network log on your side, Jabber + core, and send it to me via private message, for example, or post anonymously at and drop here a link


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