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Jabber + Tabsrmm: broken GUI in user details

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hydrogen fluoride:
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And some ussies with tree. Jabberlogin - it's string where you can see your jabber UID in window "User Details" for any user.

hydrogen fluoride:
0.96.2 24717

Icons are visible now.
But I still see my Jabber login in User details of any user.

hydrogen fluoride:
Notes submenu.

It's not your Jabber login. It's Miranda account name. You can rename the account to any name via the Account manager.

Yes, when you view the userinfo of another user, you can see the name of your account as tree node because through this account info about the user was obtained.

hydrogen fluoride:

--- Quote from: dartraiden on 05 08 2022, 12:55:01 ---It's Miranda account name.
--- End quote ---
You are right.

I don't get why it should be visible when I look info of other users.


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