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Miranda updated and on first launch told me that my DB has to be upgraded. On restart it says, that stats file cannot be read. This message box won't close as well as Miranda (just keeps consuming RAM and CPU). I tried removing manually the supposed plugin. Miranda launched successfully but there were no contacts in the roster. What do I do? The only stats related plugin I had was TrafficCounter.dll

1) rollback to previous version (move all files from \Miranda_folder\Plugin Updates\Backups\BKP_date -> Miranda_folder)
2) rollback database (rename \profile\profilename.dat.bak -> profilename.dat)
3) check database and compact it (Mein menu → Database)

it seems that the database is corrupted and the new driver cannot work with it correctly

Thank you. At the end of the day I had to recreate the DB from scratch. Import was not doable.


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