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The end of Google Chat support?

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Hi, since yesterday it's not possible to connect to Google Chat (previously Google Talk) service with jabber protocol.
I suppose it has something to do with fact, that Google is ending support for 3rd party apps just like it announced few weeks ago:

--- Code: ---You're receiving this email because our records show you may have recently used a third-party app to connect to Google Talk.
As we announced in 2017, we are winding down Google Talk. On 2022-06-15, we will end our support for third-party apps (including Pidgin and Gajim).
--- End code ---

It looks like they killed it one week earlier.
Until now I've been waiting patiently that somebody will bring this up and hopefully come with the solution.
But there is no word, so in the end it's me who is asking:
Is this really the end of support of Google Chat in Miranda NG?
Will somebody try to find the solution?
Or maybe there already is one and I'm blind to see it?

I also didn't login in my google talk account today. Does it has any plan to support new google chat ?

Definitely not.

It's a pity then.
Pidgin has already found the workaround.
At first it requires getting the Google login cookie, but then it's working fine.
But for people who have been using Miranda for many many years, Pidgin is not so "pretty" at all.

hi ,laci58

Could you share the information about how to use google chat in pidgin ?

Thanks a lot


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