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Database import issue

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hi all (new here)

I'm experiencing issues with importing my profile database file into the new version of Miranda NG ( I am trying to use the profile from version build #23264, where I migrated from Miranda IM 3 approx. years ago (of I remember correctly I have chosen this particular version due to - and maybe it's some dev version - the current support/unsupport of the ICQ protocol).

Now I am doing a clean installation, but I'm not able to use the old profile :( - the import functionality finds nothing there (like "imported contacts: 0, skipped: 1") ; the migration wizard - if I copy the file manually - shows it on startup as "unknown format". The file is ~50MB and I am still able to open/use it in the old version 0.95.12 without issues. The old instance is x32 and new one x64, but I tried installing x32 version of the new one and the result is the same. Any suggestions how to proceed and migrate the old profile to the newest stable version of Miranda NG?

thanks in advance for your replies, Jan

Open database in any hex editor (HxD, etc) and post screenshot with first bytes here.

> Open database in any hex editor (HxD, etc) and post screenshot with first bytes here.
sending screenshot of the first 0x100 bytes (in the attachment)

Your database is MDBX and you need to install dbx_mdbx driver. MDBX is deprecated format, so we do not include this driver into distributive by default.

Install dbx_mdbx via Main menu -> Available components. Miranda will be able to read your old profile and import it to new (SQLite format) profile.

that's exactly the explanation and advice I was looking for. Done and imported - thanks :THUMBS UP: One more thing... some of the contacts were imported as [deleted] - I am able to fix it somehow, BUT what is missing is history for those (it's empty for those) - any chance to import even this from the old profile?


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