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Ali Savas:
Hi all,

as you may know, George Hazan is currently the only active developer for Miranda NG. Because of this, some existing or planned projects or plans make little to no progress. A project like Miranda NG deserves a lot more developers. I would like to help the project by looking for new developers, but I lack the experience here as well.

Therefore I have the following question:

* Where and how is the best way to find volunteer developers? How should one proceed here?
* What are the requirements for the developers?
Thank you in advance for your answer!

there's several sites for developers is one of them

you can also look for other dev forums

there was a developer here in past called Robyer , he was the creature of FB plugin for Miranda and while he was the developer we not had problems with locking fb accounts , he retired from site several years ago , i not know if Miranda are able to call him to fix the Miranda problem , or at lest to figure out the real or the exact reason for Facebook problem

Sadly developpers have gone away because their favorite protocol is dead or their contacts have left anyway for something else...
I love Miranda but well, can only use IRC, few people left there, ICQ still works but contacts are long gone...
I'm not a developper but surely if I was one, it'd be hard to find any motivation. The best days of IMing are behind us.

We need to make the people come back first, then we'll have developpers.

I tryed escargot MSN for a while, it's fun to use the old MSN clients and stuff, but if you want contacts, you randomly add people from their forums, and you have not much to say to them... :/


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