Author Topic: [Discord] login procedure takes around 10-20 attempts before it success  (Read 3100 times)

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Hello. There is something wrong with Discord plugin. I need to manually choose "online" around 10-20 times before it finally connect. Then it can stay connected for along time. Can you do something about it? Can I provide more info about it? I record the video of the process Logging from browser before connection doesn't help.

Offline ghazan

yes, this problem is known, but nobody knows the solution for it
the problem is that Cloudflare servers suddenly reject any attempts to connect to Discord with unknown error 404

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as some weeks have past since this bug has been reported and since I'm also experiencing this problem I was wondering if there's been any progress on it.
I'm using the current version build #23282, but the problem still persists. Sometimes I get online after 3 clicks, but I already had to click as many as 28 times, plus at some point Miranda just goes offline and the whole game starts again.

Offline ghazan

no, CloudFlare still blocks Miranda and doesn't allow it to send https requests to Discord
the problem is that our requests even don't reach Discord servers, they are rejected on network layer

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I'm using the latest miranda version like Kalle too. I had these problems only 2 or 3 days, but that was in late december. Since then, i had no problems at all. Can always connect immediately without such many attempts. How can it be that some people get these problems, and some (like me), don't?