Author Topic: [Solved] Miranda NG fails to load current profile (silent crash)  (Read 5344 times)

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I'm prepared to just not update & wait for the next build, I can't spare the time to debug the issue right now.
Fixed crash on fragments of destroyed metacontacts. Try now (backup database and Miranda catalog just in case)
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Is it possible for this plugin (command) to make a console mode or silent mode for checking the database?
Miranda /svc:dbchecker
Run without GUI and get "no errors" or "corrupted" return code

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DbChecker already supports service mode. Just run
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Miranda64.exe /svc:dbchecker
true console mode can lead to multiple langpack-related problems
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1. Miranda is a GUI program, so users expect an usual window to be created.
If you switch to the console in service mode, for 99% of users it will give a blinked black window that disappears quickly.
Not very informative, right?

2. Console in Windows still uses certain code page (full Unicode console is only being tested in Windows 10), all another versions will have problems if your translation won't fit into your console code page. Also, Miranda with russian lang pack uses code page 1251, while console uses code page 866, which makes text unreadable

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Windows console can run in CP 65001 (UTF-8) since Windows Vista at least. But that's irrelevant.