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« on: 27 03 2020, 10:32:42 »
The ICQ protocol will not load

I have Miranda 0.95.12 (downloaded via & I noticed that it  several .mir files were missing

¤ ICQ.dll v. [27 Mar 2020 8:57:26] - <unknown>
    Plugin statically linked to missing module: mir_core.mir
    Plugin statically linked to missing module: mir_app.mir
    Plugin statically linked to missing module: libjson.mir
    Plugin statically linked to missing module: LIBEAY32.mir

So I downloaded them & now I get

MirandaNG needs the visual studio runtime library but it cannot be loaded. Do you want to download it from the Internet?

So I did, but apparently I do have a version loaded.

Therefore my Miranda installation is dead

Any idea where to go from here? I will attempt to drop back to an older version to see if I can revive something


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« Reply #1 on: 27 03 2020, 10:41:17 »
Miranda is portable by default
Download 7z-archive from our site and use it.

You mix files from different builds, therefore some of them are incompatible with each other.
Stable work of Miranda NG is guaranteed within the same build (not version), i.e., all plugins of the same compilation are compatible with the core while two adjacent builds can be completely incompatible. 0.95.12 is a development version that we build daily, therefore, the compatibility of files from yesterday’s build with today's is not guaranteed. To add plugins to your Miranda installation and update them, please use PluginUpdater.
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