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Twemoji (Twitter/Discord)
« on: 20 02 2020, 06:33:41 »
Initially I was going to make an emojipack for Discord, but it turned out that it uses Twitter Twemoji, so I have made one pack for both protocols  :THUMBS UP:

Twitter version: 12.1.5
Discord version: 12.1.4


You will find there 20x20 and 40x40 icons with corresponding .msl files for Discord and Twitter.

For some stupid reason android version of Twitter app (most likely iOS version too) has sticker selection menu instead of emoji. Most of those stickers look exactly the same as emoji, so I thought of including them to the script as alternative codes for existing emojis, but they are displayed in Miranda just as short links (like ), and SmileyAdd refuses to convert urls to images. Also the website doesn't support sending stickers, which makes it troublesome to get codes/urls for all of them. So for now stickers are not supported.

If somebody needs
Codepoints sources: Discord, Twitter
Image source: (you can find there 72x72 png's as well as svg's and resize them as you need).
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