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Attention Windows XP users


Due to the renewal of the certificate used by our server, Windows XP users have lost the ability to receive the updates using PluginUpdater.

Please do the following:

* switch to Custom version in the updater settings (Options → Services → Plugin Updater)
* manually replace https by http
* apply settings and run update check (Main menu → Search for updates)
* update Miranda and switch back to the desired version (Options → Services → Plugin Updater)
* (Important) do not enable Use HTTPS option

Thanks for the post @dartraiden!

I guess the new certificate is also the reason why I can't connect to the forums anymore with my older brower.
The main page still works though. Different https protocol?

EDIT After a reboot, everything is working fine, including the forums at
Perhaps the cache or the cookies were cleared. Just a guess.


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