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Add Facebook login via mobile number

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Myy Facebook account was locked recently (possibly because of using Miranda) and a friend told me I didn't need an actual FB account to use it's messenger service.  I could just use a mobile phone number and create a password.   It works fine in the Messenger app from the Microsoft store and also works on Pidgin though Pidgin doesn't have the ability add new contacts.

Miranda can't log in with a phone number at all.  It has to be a valid FB web account with an email address.   So, I'd like to request they add this mobile number option for logging in.   I've used miranda for well over 10yrs but had to switch to pidgin because of this issue.


Miranda does not use Facebook API or Messenger API. Miranda just parse HTML website. We can implement login by phone, but Miranda will continue to parse the site => blocked by Facebook.

As I wrote, to support Messenger we need a developer who understands MQTT.

Maybe this will help...

development version with fix already uploaded to server

Does that work if I just update the plugins to the newest beta release?   I tried that and facebook.dll was updated but when I try to login with a phone number, miranda gives an error of "That account only works on messenger"

This fix is against account blocking


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