Author Topic: Staying Online with MSN/Skype  (Read 725 times)

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Staying Online with MSN/Skype
« on: 31 01 2019, 18:20:27 »
I switched to Miranda due to the recent horrible Skype changes, but is having a problem with being forced offline all the time.

I went through a lot of the standard settings turning off blinks etc, and possible something else, so not sure if I hit something that cause the connection to time out.

Anyone got an idea of how to change my settings so I can stay logged on the MSN network?

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Re: Staying Online with MSN/Skype
« Reply #1 on: 06 02 2019, 12:31:08 »
which plugin do you use, MSN or SkypeWeb?

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Re: Staying Online with MSN/Skype
« Reply #2 on: 23 02 2019, 02:53:48 »
Actually I just opened a Github bug report on the constant disconnecting behavior and got a very quick response. There is a plugin to reconnect automatically if it disconnects:

Status Manager Plugin

Once you add this to the plugin folder, you go to options, and find the plugins menu. Look through the plugins and add a checkmark next to StatusManager. Then click Apply at the bottom.

Next, look for the Status menu, at the very bottom or the options list and you'll see new entries where you can select to reconnect if it loses connection! Works fine!

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