Author Topic: Disabling/Clearing Message Log totally  (Read 2448 times)

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Disabling/Clearing Message Log totally
« on: 04 11 2020, 16:55:17 »
Hello, I am using Miranda NG Version: 0.95.12 for Jabber Chat....
First I want to delete all message logs, but I don't find any option... (from messege window I give clear log.. but net time I login, I find all previous messages)
I am aware that, I can see 10 logs or 100 logs or Unread messeges only... but I want the logs should be cleared from database or what ever...

Then I want no logging, like after current session, I don't want any message to store for next session...

Can anyone help me please???

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Re: Disabling/Clearing Message Log totally
« Reply #1 on: 08 11 2020, 21:43:59 »
Install HistorySweeperLight or NoHistory plugin via PluginUpdater.
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