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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #120 on: 17 11 2014, 23:50:16 »
Could you test if the problem persists using the attached build?

Thanks. Tomorrow I’ll ask them to send me a message. BTW, I’ve needed to install MSVCP120.DLL in order to run your build.

Edit: I can receive messages from one of them. He shows Offline as he writes. The other one still failing. The first one uses a Sony smartphone, while the second uses an Alcatel. I think both use same WhatsApp version.

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This is very strange. The second friend was typing (I can see the typing notification) but nothing is received. At one point, he sends me a video. The video (URL) gets here, and from then on, the messages too!! Even more, I’ve received previous messages! If someone understands this...
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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #121 on: 20 11 2014, 15:03:02 »
how to enter password without to request code ?

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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #122 on: 22 11 2014, 18:34:14 »
Cassio, I changed account resource again, let's try


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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #123 on: 27 11 2014, 10:47:16 »
Works grate sofar.

But I am having a problem with my nickname. I set it in the settings (after that already logged out and restarted a few times) but when I join a group, it is just showing my number and not the name like with the official client.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #124 on: 29 11 2014, 23:04:17 »
hi, i've got still problems with the plugin. i can't see the online-status of my contacts (come online / go off).  :-[

i use the miranda-ng develop-version x.x.3 and i try to reregister again, too.

what do i wrong??

thanks to all! - dirkschee


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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #125 on: 29 11 2014, 23:07:49 »
@dirkschee: you know that people only show online when they are in their whatsapp app and have enabeled that their status can be seen? Therefore most contacts show offline. How about when you view these friends in the original app? Do they show online there?

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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #126 on: 03 12 2014, 14:58:30 »
Is there a way to see "Group Information" in a group chat? (Who are the group members, their numbers and profile photos etc.)

EDIT: And is it possible to attach multimedia - such as jpg, mp3 or ogg files? I haven't found a way.
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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #127 on: 10 12 2014, 10:15:56 »
I've downloaded yesterday's (12/09/2014) "" file and put it into my Miranda NG

But it doesn't work at all. Miranda doesn't even see this plugin under "Plugins". Additionally I'm getting an error message after every start of Miranda: "Die Ordnungszahl 270 wurde in der DLL "mir_core.dll" nicht gefunden."

Do I need to install something else to get it working?

An older version of the whatsapp plugin was working.


Solved: Needed to update to the development version – see below. Now it works – thanks.
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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #128 on: 10 12 2014, 10:38:38 »
It's not meant for Miranda NG stable version. You need to have development, switch it in Options / Services / Plugin updater.
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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #129 on: 10 12 2014, 11:14:07 »
It will be working on stable, but on the next stable :)
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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #130 on: 14 12 2014, 07:39:37 »
@dirkschee: you know that people only show online when they are in their whatsapp app and have enabeled that their status can be seen? Therefore most contacts show offline.
It really used to work like this. Some contacts used to pop online periodically or when they wrote me, but now all the contacts are always offline, even undeletable own number, which used to be always online as far as I remember. If someone ever see any whatsapp contact online on the late builds, please tell.

And about adding contacts. Quote from wiki:
To add contacts search them by their phone number in Main menu → Find/add contacts dialog. The search usually takes about 10–20 seconds and finds nothing.
 Instead the number you searched for appears in your contact list. Right-click the number and select Add permanently to list. This will prevent the contact from disappearing after Miranda restart.
This method doesn't work now either. I guess this is a consequence of always-offline-contacts issue.
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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #131 on: 14 12 2014, 10:33:56 »
If someone ever see any whatsapp contact online on the late builds, please tell.
I also see no contacts online with the late builds. :(

I tested it on 2 computers, same result: All contacts offline, even the own number (same as Thug says). Also my own number, which was added on the other computer, is offline there – meaning from Miranda to Miranda doesn't work either.

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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #132 on: 15 12 2014, 13:51:08 »
You guys might find this interesting:

Maybe the Miranda integration will work more smoothly then.  :)
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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #133 on: 17 12 2014, 10:14:21 »
Why i can't add some contacts (2 of 12)? I'm just waiting and they still not appear in cl. Could be the resason that they've deleted me, or even so they should appear in contact list?

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Re: WhatsApp
« Reply #134 on: 18 12 2014, 13:20:59 »
Купил новый телефон, жена не спросив установила вотсап. Я поздно это заметил, сразу удалил. Сейчас он не работает в Миранде. Нажимаю Код Регистрации - выдает ошибку "Неудачная Регистрация". Что делать?

Bought a new phone, wife not asking installed wotsap. I later noticed it, was immediately removed. Now it does not work in Miranda. Press Registration Code - generates an error "Registration Failed". What to do?
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